Post-School Education BSL users will be able to maximise their potential at school, will be supported to transition to post-school education if they wish to do so and will receive the support they need to do well in their chosen subject(s)

By 2020

Scottish Ministers will


Expect all colleges and universities will publish BSL plans, setting out how students who use BSL are supported, with a clear measurable commitment to improvement where necessary.  These plans link with college and university outcome agreements and will be reviewed annually by the Scottish Funding Council (SFC), to ensure that inequalities experienced by D/deaf and Deafblind BSL students are being addressed.


Establish a steering group to help colleges and universities develop their own BSL plans.  This will be run by the Scottish Funding Council (SFC), will involve BSL users*, and will include assessing what further guidance colleges and universities need to ensure they are clear about their responsibilities to BSL users leaving school and going on to further or higher education.


Offer accessible advice and guidance to students who use BSL on funding packages available through the Student Award Agency Scotland (SAAS).

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